WIP Wednesday...

It's time for WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday...
I received this big bundle of goodness this morning and it totally made my day! Last week there was a FQ sale in one of my FB groups and FQ's were on for cheap! Many were about half the price I'd normally pay, so I grabbed a few. A few more than a few really, and I was honestly surprised by the size of my bundle, and my bill. LOL!! Oopsie! On the upside, I managed to grab a bunch of Tula Pink blenders, which will stretch out my big Tula stash. I also grabbed more of the beautiful Menagerie fabrics along with a few Joel Dewberry prints. Needless to say I need to NOT buy anymore fabric until the New Year. *oopsie*
Over the last week I've been working on this stack of oil pouches for a flash sale tonight. 8 of them have sold and I have 4 left (last time I checked) if anyone is interested. If you missed out I'm going to have another flash sale sometime next week, just need to get my ducks in a row first. Really hoping the last 4 pouches sell as i'm using this income for my Christmas shopping. I'd love to have that done before December 1st. I'm hoping to get into the next town over this weekend to do some shopping and with any luck I'll be able to cross most of my Christmas gifts off of my list.
I've really simplified Christmas this year with the kids each receiving 3 gifts and stockings. It keeps my budget smaller and shopping far easier!


Back to sewing, I have a small pile of customs I need to work through over the next 2 weeks, and really want to keep on creating and listing more RTS (Ready to Ship) items as time allows. My plans tomorrow are hopefully knocking a couple of custom orders off my list and figuring out what my next RTS items will be. I need to pull fabrics for a custom order as well.

On my mind is that I need to update my RTS album on FB. A few things have sold & I need to add a few things.

I've made a goal to work on a personal sewing project for 30 minutes a day, not a lot of time really, but at least it's sometime to do something just for me. I really miss being creative for non-work sewing, like making fun little projects, joining swaps, etc... but I honestly have next to no "free time" in my day. However, i'm going to carve just 30 minutes a day out somewhere, to do something that I want to work on with no guidelines or restrictions.

On that note, I'm going to go grab my selfish sewing project and work on it until Dh goes off to work! Thanks for peeking in, I hope everyone had a wonderful day!


What craft/hobby/project are you working on?

A little "must have" purchase in cold weather...

It is finally into the colder fall weather here, and with that means "hard butter", which as most people know, is a pain. We only purchase butter here & it's unspreadable now. I hopped on Amazon this morning and found this pretty little "Butter Bell Crock" in a beautiful goldenrod colour. It's a nice compact size and will sit on our breadbox well. At $34.99, not a bad price and it'll save our sanity this fall & winter.



I used a refund we received on our credit-card yesterday to pay for it, so no damage was done to my weekly budget! Yay!

And on that note, I have a busy day ahead. I need to pull fabric for a couple of customs, get laundry started and need to run out for a few items. But first Mya has a play date in under an hour and I'm still sitting her in my pjs! Better get it in gear so I can have a productive day!

Thanks for peeking in!


Butter or margarine?

What's your preference?

Watching my pennies...


I'm on a mission to hit a few goals. I need to fund Christmas, I need to build up our slush fund and I really want to hit my big savings goal before the New Year, so I've been trying to save money here & there on whatever I can. It's not always easy, but there are things we do to save that will make a difference and keep us on track.

Here are a few things we did this week to help us stay within our budget:

  1. Dh found these eggs on sale and grabbed 4 dozen eggs! We eat a lot of eggs in this house, so this was a great deal for us! The original price on these eggs is almost $6.00/dozen, he ended up getting them for $1.14/dozen after another 50% off the sale price! So 4 dozen eggs for less than the price of one dozen eggs! Score!!
  2. Heat. It's just starting to get cold here and what I've been doing is turning on the heat early in the morning when I wake up for 10-15 minutes just to warm up the house then leaving it off for the rest of the day. If it's especially cold, like today, I'll turn it on later on in the day for another 10-15 minutes then leave it off for the rest of the night. It's better than leaving it on to kick on all day when it may not be needed.
  3. Menu planning. I've been horrible with menu planning over the last (long) while but I actually have a menu plan in place for the week! We have a low budget this week in order to meet savings goals, so we only grabbed what we needed. I need to pick up a few more items but we should definitely stay under budget this week. I have $115.00 left in our smaller than usual, $185.00 budget until Thursday, and I'm actually tracking this week to make sure I don't dig into our slush fund while I'm working on building it back up to $1K. In case anyone is wondering, our "slush fund" is just a little account that we use for things our regular budget doesn't cover. If the kids need clothes/boots/shoes, gifts, outings, etc...
  4. I'm resisting the urge to buy new fabric! Enough said. LOL!!
  5. We've been staying home. Not that there's really anywhere, whatsoever to go in this town, but all the same, it saves money to hang out around the house. I've been working on my sewing stock to fill my RTS (Ready to Ship) album which is a good way to spend my time!
  6. I received two refunds, one for a pair of crappy $25.00 headphones (not replacing them) and another for a pair of shoes we bought Mya that came with a manufacturers defect. I ended up finding her a pair of Skechers for under $25.00 since they're "end of season", so saved $20.00 there as well.

And there you have it... my go at staying within budget this week! So far, so good! We'll see how the rest of the week goes!


Are you working towards any savings goals?

Do you have a weekly budget?