5 Things Friday...


  1. Craft Fair Prep: I only have 7 days until my first craft fair out here, and I have major sewing to do. I still have a custom order that I need to finish (fabric just came in, yay!) and a big gig I need to create something for as well ASAP. That being said, I've had zero sewing time today. Eek! I'm going to have to sew tonight, or at least cut fabrics, interfacing, cork etc... I think I'll either work on coin purses tonight or wristlets. I'm physically & emotionally exhausted which isn't helping my cause at all... *sigh* I'd like to have a nice, full table with lots of variety, so I'm really going to bust my @ss this week and see what I can accomplish. Since this craft fair is in a very small town, i'm going to keep everything under the $50.00 mark, so I won't need to sew NCW's, or other higher ticket items for this show.
  2. Budget: We don't have a budget for our "discretionary" spending yet. And i'll probably leave it at that. I have a budget for bills and whatnot (obviously) but I'm mostly trying to stick to using Dh's income each week (whatever it is) for our main budget and using my income to save for bills, etc... it seems to be working for us and my savings have went up a wee bit which does my heart good! There's next to nothing to do in our town entertainment wise and it's quite expensive & time consuming to go into the "big city" beside us (lol!) so that's definitely saving us money. I'm not doing any shopping for fun, just for needs.
  3. Christmas: Yes, I said it, but it's on the way whether you're in denial or not. Today I downloaded a "gift" APP so I can track my purchases, wish lists, stocking stuffers I purchase and how much money I spend etc... it was a passcode on it so nobody can get into it either. I like it, and it was free. So far I've purchased 2 stocking stuffers and I just ordered a gift on Amazon last night for Mya. I'm not sure if this is going to be a popular toy or not, but if it is, I want to have it for her as it was her *most wished for* gift. In case you're wondering it's a "Fur Real" cat that poops. ROTFL!! I kid you not...
  4. Ten weeks: We've been in Cape Breton now for 10 weeks, a full 2 1/2 months and while it's beautiful & peaceful, it's still really hard for me. I know it's an "adjustment" and "takes time" etc, but it doesn't seem to be getting any easier at all. I cry a lot still. I love talking to my family and friends back home, but then it makes it even harder after we've spoken and I feel so very guilty for being out here. I'm so grateful for technology, I don't know what I'd do without it. My plan is to simply make it day to day and be thankful for the little blessings. I've always said we would "try it & see" and I suppose that's exactly what we're doing. I only have one friend out here and no family at all, and since there are not really any activities out here, or social places (not into bars and there may only be one or two anyway), it's *really* hard to connect with people, or find a way to "fit". I still feel lost most days unfortunately.
  5. Good Buys: My wardrobe consists of mostly hoodies, I run cold. I'm always cold, I wear 3 shirts and 2 pairs of socks on a day to day basis. I wanted a couple cardigans for fall but didn't want to spend a couple hundred on them. On one of the FB groups I'm in a woman posted 4 cardigans, $5.00/each for a grand total of $20.00! They're super soft, nice and long, slim fitting and warm. I've worn them non-stop since purchasing them. Definitely a good buy for me and I've rounded out my fall & winter wardrobe affordably!

Those are my "5 Things Friday". On that note I'm going to eat dinner and try to get in some sewing before I crash & burn... have a fabulous evening!