Strep & the Croup


My poor Mya...*sigh* She's been doing well for so long, but this time she couldn't beat it. She has meds for the strep which has now turned into the croup. Her fever comes & goes, thankfully, but she's scared that we'll end up in the ER again, as am I, because she has a bad track record with the croup and we end up rushing in for a steroid treatment to help her breathe.

We did a lot of nothing over the last few days... colouring, tv, reading, playing on her iPod, she made little paper craft items for her Barbies, etc...

Anything to keep her calm and resting really.


Today with a little bit more colour in her face, but then her fever came back again and that was that.


Today was Day 3 of her prescription so I'm hoping it kicks in sooner than later and she feels a bit better than she has been. It's heart-breaking seeing her so sick and in so much pain. I honestly didn't sleep for even 10 minutes last night because I was so worried we would end up in the ER as we usually do when she ends up with the Croup.

I haven't gotten in much sewing over the last few days, for obvious reasons. But I'm hoping to get back on track tomorrow as I have a crazy few months ahead of me and really need to try to stay on track as much as possible!



It was a bright, mild (but not too mild, -3c) day so we went out for a few slow walks today in the cool air which help her breathe. The sun was nice and each walk woke me up, so that was a good thing. On our walk tonight we saw a big fat bunny which really excited Mya!

Tomorrow I'd like to finish up a stack of oil pouches I began today and get them crossed off my list. I need to pkg up a handful of orders to mail out as well, but I think I'll probably wait till Tuesday to pop those in the mail, and look at my list and see what's next! I really need to have as much off my list before April rolls around as I have 4 shows coming up! 1 pop-up shop in April, 2 BIG shows in May and another in June! I must be completely insane! Then I have 2 shops to stock for...obviously losing my marbles. So glad i'm only in 2 shops, I definitely would not and could not, take on any more!

It's now climbing close to midnight and I desperately need sleep. I'm going to go check on Mya and crawl into my nice, warm, comfy bed for hopefully a full, good nights rest. On that note, I'm off before I pass out on the couch... I hope everyone had a fun March break! Ours sucked, but such is life.